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Search Engine Optimization Consulting Service

Nothing is more important for success of ecommerce website than its high positions in major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing (a.k.a. Live, a.k.a. MSN). These 3 search engines serve more than 96.8% of all search queries on the Internet (Google 86.04%, Yahoo 4.53%, MSN/Live/Bing 6.21%).
If your website is not among their top 100 listings it does not exist for web surfers at all. Sure, unless you buy your place in Pay-Per-Click programs, but this is a bottomless pit that can swallow all of your profit.

The only solution is to get high rankings of your website by its strategic keywords in major search engines by making it search engine friendly, in other words by SEO - “Search Engine Optimization”. Yes, competition in search engine rankings is tough and becoming even more difficult every day, but it worth the fight. Search engine friendly website may draw a lot of qualified customers directly from Google, Yahoo, MSN and their networks.

There are a lot of companies and individuals claiming they can optimize your website in search engine friendly way and pull it into top positions.
Majority of them using so called "Black Hat" and "Grey Hat" dangerous techniques of search engine optimization, that may bring a temporary success, but sooner or later trickery will be exposed and your website will get severely punished and even banned from search engines' databases forever.
Conclusion is simple: never ever try to play games with multi-billion dollar giants as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Another part of so called “search engine optimization specialists” are just charlatans who even can't help themselves.
How to sort them out? - Simple, just check their own positions in search engine results by strategic keywords of their websites. If they aren't on the top - they can't help you.

For instance check positions of our website ( on major search engines by our strategic keywords: If you are going to run your internet-based business for a long time, then you should trust only proven expertise of search engine optimization. We don't use any tricks and never cheat search engine rules. Practice shows that 98% of all websites have various problems keeping them in the middle of nowhere. Fixing those problems may dramatically boost your website in major search engines results.

Our search engine optimization experts will analyze your website and provide you with instructions of what you need to do to fix it. Your web designers can easily take our custom report and do the work themselves. If you don't have web design specialists on your own, our experts can do it for you for a reasonable price.

This is what you get for one time fee of $249:

Custom Search Engine Optimization Analysis of your website, including: To order our service, please fill up the form:

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